Cotton Pareo Throw

Indian Handcrafted Cotton Pareo Throw. These natural cotton fibres can absorb water more effectively and are gentle on the skin. With the summer approaching and the chilly evenings, these Pareos will definitely it will fit your..

Ancient Wisdom Pareo is made in a perfect size to wrap around the waist. Each design come wrapped with jute twine and labelled with a tag. They are lightweight, fast drying, portable and fashionable. You will love them.

They can be both sporty and elegant, ideal for beach towels, can be used as picnic blanket. Multi purpose.

Featured in five different amazing designs, along with another 5 different designs for the Towels which have a small pocket on the back with Velcro.

Size: Length 100cm, Width 180cm: Material: Cotton, Polyester. Made in India.

Unwrap the twist and order today.

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