Eco Jute Bags

Now that one use plastic bags are so evil, it’s time to switch to eco-friendly Jute Bags from Ancient Wisdom. These big shopping bags are perfect for the supermarket shop, or general use. Soft cotton handles, zip for security, cotton lining with pockets, funky cool designs and all with the JuteNotPlastic.com logo to underline the eco credentials. Sold in Singles.

We have been importing Jute bags since 2003, our trade in India helps support a children’s home close to the factory.

Check out JuteNotPlastic.com for more details.

Save the earth and stock up with these 100% natural bags today.

  • Height 40cm, Length 40cm, Width 15cm
  • Length of the straps 50cm
  • Weight 220g

* * Please note bags can come in either Black or Orange print, please specify which colour you prefer in check out. If no colour is specified then a random colour will be chosen.

All come with bags of style!

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