ancient wisdom fragrance oil

ancient wisdom fragrance oil



Ancient Wisdom Fragrance Oils

Discover a wide range of Ancient Wisdom fragrance oils that are perfect for use in aromatherapy, oil burners, and diffusers. Our fragrances are designed to uplift your mood and help you relax, with scents ranging from floral to woody and spicy.

Ideal for oil burners, fragrance potpourri, scented stones or the like. The uses are endless.

These 10ml Fragrance Oils are not pure, in common with all fragrance oils they are diluted in DPG. But If you prefer or need to use pure oils then visit our 500ml Fragrance oils. Ideal if you are making are making fragrance items.

Colours may slightly vary. It all depends on how our production manager feels that day… you know bright colours = good mood and vice versa…

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