boho bling gemstones

boho bling gemstones

Boho Bling Gemstones Bracelets and Necklaces

Cool unisex bling.. multicultural, good and evil, heaven and hell.. This range of Boho jewellery from Ancient Wisdom is both eye candy and soul food..

Our talented designer has incorporated elements of east and western culture, mixed in a heavy dose of mysticism and royalty all presented with lava-stones and gemstones. See tigers and crowns and hamsa hands and more..

Bohemian Gemstone Bracelets and complementary range of necklaces can be teamed with the Ancient Wisdom range of Power Bracelets. Two or three worn together look the business, the necklaces create the total look, even the (cool) guys can wear them.

Don’t worry about bracelets fitting as they stretch – one size fits all.

With one price to fit all..

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